I'll often pen a short story when in need of a break from the lengthier business of novel writing. Writing short stories has been a great way to hone my craft. I enjoy the tightness of language and economy of words demanded by the form.

To read more on this, click on the link to my article: How Short Story Writing Can Help With Writing Novels.  Writers' & Artists' Website UK

When I get an idea for a story - usually in the wee hours - I have to get the bones of it down while the impetus is still strong. If I don't, the emotion behind the idea dissipates and I find myself with a few random words jotted down on a scrap piece of paper.

Several of my pieces of short fiction have won awards. Most recently my story, 'Mad Men', won the Sunday Star TImes Short Story Award 2018. You can read the story and a bit about its genesis by clicking on the links below.

Read here: Mad Men

Learn more about the genesis for the story: Interview

A number of my short stories have been broadcast on National Radio. To listen to one of my stories-'The Bottom Line'- click on the audiolink below. (You may need to enable the Quicktime plugin for your browser)

The Bottom Line(Broadcast National Radio)*


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