I enjoy the tightness of language and economy of words demanded by the short story form – a contained opportunity to explore a theme and then move on. Often I'll pen a story when in need of a break from the lengthier business of novel writing. Writing short stories has also been a great way to hone my craft. Tossing aside a short piece and starting again is definitely easier than discarding a sixty-thousand-word novel!

When I get an idea for a story – usually in the wee hours – I have to get the bones of the story down while the impetus is still strong. If I don't, the emotion behind the idea seems to dissipate and I find myself with a few random words jotted down on a scrap piece of paper.

Occasionally, a vague notion will lurk in my mind for many months before a story suddenly declares itself.

A number of my short stories have been broadcast on National Radio, and I have had success in several local writing competitions. My work has also been published in literary journals and newspapers.

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